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A choice of delivery methods are available – select from “Digital” or “Regular mail”

“Digital”– Sent via email and delivered to you within three days. (Eco Friendly)

“Regular mail”- Slightly more expensive and can take up to fourteen days until you receive them. 

Regular Mail
Documents are sent by regular mail
  • CR3-a = Single song / track = €30.00 Euros
  • CR3-m = 2 or 3 songs / tracks = €35.00 Euros
  • CR3-X  = 4 to 14 songs / tracks = €45.00 Euros
Paperless Documents (Digital)

Digital documents issued via email is the fast, efficient, environmentally friendly way to receive your registration documents.

  • We’re always working to improve our services to provide you with a fast, secure and economic method of safe-guarding your works.
  • By selecting paperless documents, you make a saving on the cost of regular mail issued documents.
  • You’ll also be helping to make our planet a healthier place just by saving paper, which means less clutter for you too. paperless documents are issued via email which is much quicker than regular mail, so no more waiting for the mail-man or experiencing delayed, lost or mislaid mail.
  • On average digitally issued documents are delivered within three days.
  • Registration documents are issued as PDFs to download, print, store on your phone, tablet or computer (you can make multiple copies)
Paper Documents: (Regular Mail)

Delivery of your documents by regular mail does have its drawbacks,

  • It is the more expensive option.
  • There is additional waiting time for delivery.
  • We advise a waiting period of up-to fourteen days after paying the registration fee before you can expect delivery of your documents.
  • All the uncertainties regular mail delivery can and does throw up. (lost, delayed, mislaid or stolen)

All registration charges are one off payments; there are no hidden extras, no additional maintenance costs and no top-up fees annual or otherwise.

Overview of the Copyright Certificates:

  • The fee payable is per certificate at the time of issue with no additions allowed.
  • Modifications to a work are not permitted once it has been registered and the documents issued.
  • An issued certificate covers the work that is detailed within the certificate only.

The CR3-a Certificate:
This certificate is ideal for registering a single song or composition which is named on the certificate along with the authors details.

The CR3-m Certificate:
This certificate is ideal for registering two or three songs or compositions which are named on the certificate along with the authors details.

The CR3-X Certificate:
This certificate is ideal for registering the copyrights of a whole album from four to a maximum of fourteen tracks. — (there can be no additional tracks added once the works have been registered and the documents issued)

Choose Digital and help
save paper, save trees, save the planet